Small Reactions


Photo by Sarah Stover courtesy of Small Reaction's Facebook page
Photo by Sarah Stover courtesy of Small Reaction’s Facebook page

Over the past year or so, I have been hearing a lot about Small Reactions, whether it be through posts by friends on Facebook, Creative Loafing articles, or show posters pasted on campus and elsewhere. It seemed that everyone that I looked, I heard or saw something about them. So, I decided to check them out to see what all the fuss was about.

Small Reactions started in 2011 and are based in Atlanta, particularly in the East Atlanta Village (or, EAV for short if you’re a cool kid). The band describes their sound as “nerve pop,” but I would best categorize their sound as alternative indie rock. On the band’s Facebook page, they list some of their influences as early Stereolab, Wire, and Echo and the Bunnymen. Listening to their music, it’s hard not to want to dance and bob your head along. The more I listen, the more I start to see what everyone is talking about.

I believe that the more people that hear Small Reactions, the more they will become one of Atlanta’s best new bands. You hear them and you are automatically drawn to them.

Small Reactions released their first full length album, Similar Phantoms, last year.

Sounds Like: Balkans (another great Atlanta band), Women, mid-’80s post-punk with a modern alternative edge

Members: Scotty Hoffman (guitar/vocals), Clinton Callahan (bass), Sam Jacobsen (organ), Sean Zearfoss

Listen To: “Keepah,” “Minibeasts and Ourselves,” “Terrorangles”

DiscographyHung From a Wire EP (2014), Similar Phantoms (2014)

Links: Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube

Press: Top 30 ATL Records of 2014 (Latest Disgrace), “Similar Phantoms: Small Reactions ain’t afraid of no ghosts” (Creative Loafing)


header image courtesy of Facebook

video courtesy of YouTube


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